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Microblading &

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-Permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows.

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Lip Blush
Lip Blush Artist

Lip Blush is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing where the lips get enhanced and pigment deposited superficially into them by a mechanical pen.

Lip Blush

We create a classic eyeliner for an everyday look or a sexy Marylin Monroe eyeliner for that night out on the town look.

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Our Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal Services

Eyebrow Microblading

Let our microblading artist create you the perfect set of microbladed eyebrows!

Ombre/Combo Brows

We offer Combo Brows, Ombre Brows, and Microshading!

Permanent Eyeliner

Choose from upper, lower or upper and lower permanent eyeliner options!

Lip Blush

Get Lip Blush and wake up to the perfect set of evenly colored lips every day!

Areola Repigmentation

Areola Repigmentation allows for reconstruction, even coloring and/or shaping.

Tattoo Removal

Choose our all natural, non-laser tattoo removal method today!

Are you ready to wakeup with gorgeous looking brows, eyes and lips?

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Artist - Cary, NC

Kristina got into permanent makeup to help boost women’s confidence. Her goal is to create a more youthful look, by providing certified permanent makeup artist services in Cary, North Carolina

Microblade Artist

Microblade Artist - Cary, NC

As a certified microblade artist with advanced certifications, it brings Kristina much joy to see her clients appreciative of her work. Her goal is to create the perfect set of microbladed eyebrows.

Combo & Ombre Brows

Combo Brows & Ombre Brows- Cary, NC

Combo brows and Ombre brows are the perfect solutions for those who are not ideal eyebrow microblading clients. Not to worry though because Kristina is a microshading (Combo & Ombre Brows) expert!

Lip Blush

Lip Blush Artist - Cary, NC

Lip blush is one of the hottest procedures in permanent makeup today! Our lip blush service eliminates discoloration and creates evenly colored lips that you are absolutely going to love!

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner Artist - Cary, NC

Looking to enhance your lashes and really make your eyes stand out without ever needing to use eyeliner again? We offer both upper and lower permanent eyeliner services that are sure to have your eyes looking fabulous!

Tattoo Removal

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal - Cary, NC

We offer non-laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is harmful to your skin and pushes the pigments into your blood. Our natural, saline tattoo removal procedure extracts the pigment from your skin.

Client Testimonials

Kristina was absolutely AMAZING!! Initially i had a lot of fear but Kristina clearly mentioned everything and made me feel super comfortable. Not only was she professional but extremely clean and so sweet!! I STRONGLY recommend my friends and family this place.

Sinta Lenahan

While I did not personally go to Kristina for a cosmetic tattoo, I did receive a beautiful fine line design. I received this design from her 3 days ago and so far it is healing beautifully. In 6 weeks she has scheduled me a touch up appointment just to make sure it is to peak perfection. My entire time in her chair was comfortable, came with enjoyable conversation, and just overall a great experience. I would recommend her to anyone. She is by far one of the sweetest and most professional artists I've had a chance to come across.

Daniella Lynch

I absolutely LOVE Kristina! She did an amazing job on my lips. I wake up every day looking beautiful thanks to her. She was so caring during the whole procedure to make sure I was comfortable. I get compliments on my lips all the time. The best part is that they look so natural people cannot believe it is a tattoo! I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Kristina you are the best!!!!

Erin Hartley

I am so happy with Kristina’s guidance and educating me on the best brow shape for my face contour and the best color for my skin undertones. I love how I did not feel any pain! Great experience and got lots of compliments on my brows! I Highly recommend her!

Suzan Pelc

Kristina has been very patient, precise and educational in the long process of my tattoo removal. She is a reliable professional and does her best to do a perfect job.

Rozita A

My experience with Kristina was exceptional. She took her time to make sure the shaping and what I wanted were taken care of. Kristina made sure I was comfortable and had little or no pain. Her facility is spotless and she makes sure everything is clean. The overall experience was exceptional. I was a little nervous going in but Kristina made sure all my questions and concerns were taken care of before we even started with the procedure. I would highly recommend her for the services she provides.

Joy Futrell

The most rewarding part of this career for Kristina is when she devotes her skills to meaningful causes. She gets to give some women who are suffering with alopecia or cancer the gift of tastefully tattooed eyebrows and eyeliner, which they have lost years ago. She carefully measures and meticulously designs their brows in order to accentuate their facial bone structure for that natural look of beauty.

The women she helps leave with eyes filled with tears of joy. They are elated and beaming with excitement and confidence, that they now have natural looking brows that are full and beautiful. The icing on the cake is that “They look at least 15 years younger!” …the results are truly amazing!

Kristina’s goal is not only about ensuring that you get an instant boost of a natural youthfulness, but also about giving you one of the best feelings of Vibrancy, Confidence, and Attractiveness that every woman truly deserves!


  • Training was done at 3D Brows academy In Utah
  • 3D Brows Academy- November 2018
  • 3D Brows Academy- January & JuNe 2019
  • Shay Danielle Academy Online - Lip Blush (2019)
  • LI-FT Salt/Saline Removal Techniques Certificate of Completion (2019)
  • North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Tattoo Permit (2019)
  • OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Safety Certified (2019)
  • Certified & Insured

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Now that hot days are here, I asked my Amazing Master Hair Stylist Ajido to give me a sexy cut, to keep me cool this summer in Greece!
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Ladies he is the man, for best hair cuts, color, Brazilian blowouts etc. Salon Ajido in Cary

Ready for a color boost?!
Accepting appointments now for August!!!
Services Offered-
-Lash Enhancement

-Combo Brows
-Microblading and Shading
-Microblading (hair strokes)
-Powdered Brows
-Ombré Lipstick
-Lip Blush

-Tattoo removal
-Li-ft Saline Removal

- Small/Tiny tattoos

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I am so loving my semi permanent lip tattoo!!!

I was so close to do a fine line tattoo on my body… but I thought hard and then… I decided not to… but…
Gurrrrrrl, I was so quick to tattoo my lips, eyeliner and brows though!!!

I am enjoying my beauty sleep an hour longer, because I don’t need to spend an hour now!!! Yayyyyy!!!

Who wants some lips, brows or eyeliner tattoos?!!!

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Don’t be the girl without brows this summer on the beach!!!
When you come out from under the wave you open your eyes, wipe your face and Guuuuuurl your brows are still there!!!!!

As we reiterate that the freshly tattooed eyebrows whether it is ombré or Microbladed, they will heal softer. Trusting the artist is crucial in alleviating your stress due to the darkness of the brows.
My client shared with me that her young child cried and said: “I want my mommy back”, after he saw his mom for the first time with dark brows.

Awwww what a darling!!! But now that his mama wanted them “Darker”, I was truly concerned about how he is going to feel, so she texted me back telling me he did not even notice them! Yayyyy!!! I was happy to know that her adorable child is not crying anymore!
#microblading #powderbrows #eyeliner#ombrebrows

“All I wish for me today, is to have an eyeliner, that does not smudge” said my gorgeous client! She closed her eyes to take a nap, woke up and said after I handed her the mirror: “Oh my God, I love them… I never have to worry now about having raccoon 🦝 eyes when I rub my eyes from now on… Thank you so much Kristina!”

Awwww I was over the moon to feel her joy!
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When clients tell me that they miss and Love their brow’s dark side, I try my best to give them what they want and glad to see a beautiful smile on their face!!!💕 ...

Loving tattooing cute turtles! My first ever color tattoo!!! Still have a long way to go but this girl got her “Courage” on fire 🔥 ...


Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-Permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows. It is the precise placement of hair-like strokes to the brow with a pigment and a handheld tool. This creates an illusion of natural fullness to your existing thinning brows.

Microblading goes 1 mm deep into the Dermal layer of the skin. Due to the pigment being placed so superficially, it allows for the look of real, crisp, and sharp hair strokes. Microblading may not work for all skin types.

ombre brows by kristina hailey

Ombre/Combo Brows

It is a semi-permanent precise shading technique that styles your brows and gives you from 1-3 years of stress-free beautiful looking low maintenance brows. With the use of a machine pen, the needle places tiny dots of pigment into the skin creating a shaded pixilated look. These types of eyebrow permanent makeup procedures are often referred to as Combo Brows, Ombre Brows, and Powder Brows.

It is a lighter effect at the bulb and as we get away from it, we implant the pigment darker as we gradually reach the tail of the brows. We can personalize the density of how light or dark a client prefers her brows to be. It looks great on all skin types.

permanent eyeliner Cary North Carolina

Permanent Eyeliner

Looking for a permanent eyeliner artist? This service is a process of implanting pigment into the skin. We create a classic eyeliner for an everyday look or a sexy Marylin Monroe eyeliner for that night out on the town look. With permanent eyeliner, you can save time and money by never needing eyeliner makeup again!

We also include a lash fill where we implant pigment between the eyelashes to give that fuller-looking lash line. Most Mature clients love the Lash fill.

permanent lips cary nc

Lip Blush

Lip Blush is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing where the lips get enhanced and pigment deposited superficially into them by a mechanical pen. When the lips heal, they lighten up about 30% leaving a subtle enhancement of a blush. It really gives aging pale lips that increased pigmentation they once had when they were young.

All you want to do is to apply lip gloss and you are good to go! This is what I call an almost zero maintenance beauty! You can also choose to have more of lipstick look as well, instead of the light and airy lip blush.

You may also apply any color lipstick to go with the color of your chosen outfit, but Most clients even forgo the lipstick as they are so happy with their lip blush. Looks great on most skin types and lasts from 2-3 years


Areola Repigmentation

Areola Re-pigmentation is a restorative procedure for clients who went through Cancer. It is a cosmetic tattoo improving the appearance of the nipple and areola that were lost due to cancer removal surgery. By using several techniques and different color blending pigmentation to suit each individual skin color.

The artist is carefully designing and implanting pigment into the skin; mimicking the actual look of the areola and nipple, making it look so natural and real. It takes several sessions to obtain the final desired result. The return of an areola and nipple to bare breasts Helps women feel great about themselves and their triumph over cancer.

tattoo removal cary nc

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal is the process of removing unwanted pigment due to a blowout or if a tattoo needs to be lightened or remove almost completely.

We use a saline solution to extract the pigment from the skin. We use either a handheld tool or a mechanical pen to do the actual removal. Removals take several to many sessions to get the ink extracted from the skin.

We also do Emergency Removal within 24-48 hours from the time of the initial tattoo for complete and successful removal.

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